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Zoom2! Tooth Whitening for Patients from Kew to Celebrate this VE Day with Bright, White Smiles


VE day on May 8th is a national day of pride, where we all celebrate victory in Europe with beaming smiles. This year why not celebrate VE day with brighter, whiter teeth with Zoom2! whitening for patients from Kew?

Zoom2! Whitening Technology

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments at Sparkle Dental Boutique and we believe that a luminous white smile can give our patients bags of confidence, leaving them looking younger, more attractive and with a huge smile on their faces. Zoom2! whitening is an in practice technique using the very latest whitening technology.  The system uses a gel coated onto the teeth and a specialist light, designed to work with the gel to break down any discolouration or off white stains.

What is the procedure like?

Zoom2! is a quick and simple method of teeth whitening that can make teeth whiter by around 8 shades within 60 minutes. It is effective and extremely fast, so if you are looking for a treatment where you don’t have to spend time at home mixing together powders and lotions to apply to your teeth, then this is the procedure for you.

Here at Sparkle Dental Boutique we have a room dedicated to teeth whitening services, so that our patients feel completely relaxed and have a wonderful experience and leave with a set of amazingly white teeth. You can even choose the music you would like to listen to for a great, relaxing time.

At the end of the treatment your dentist will give you a fluoride treatment that will last about five minutes and you may find that up to a few days after the treatment your teeth become even whiter!

If you want to give your confidence and your smile a boost then this is the treatment for you. Call or email Sparkle Dental Boutique to book you appointment now for effective tooth whitening in only one hour.

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