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Zoom! Whitening from dentists serving Ealing will ensure your Valentine’s Day is a hit


Modern life can really take its toll on our teeth, with everything from bad habits like smoking, to every day habits like drinking a morning cup of coffee, staining teeth and dampening smiles. So with Valentine’s Day only a day away there is no time like now to ensure your smile doesn’t let you down when Mr or Mrs Right comes into your life.

There are dozens of teeth whitening products available to buy in supermarkets and High Street chemists, all of which will have some effect on your teeth if you use them correctly. However, none can offer the impressive results you will achieve if you make an appointment for teeth whitening at Sparkle Dental.

As well as being guaranteed that the process will be carried out safely and efficiently by a trained professional serving patients in Ealing, the teeth whitening gel that dentists use is allowed to contain much more of the active ingredients than anything sold in shops. Add to that the use of lasers to achieve a quicker and longer-lasting result and it is easy to see why having your teeth whitened professionally is worth every penny.

Zoom! is one of the most popular types of laser teeth whitening available in clinics such as Sparkle Dental and uses a combination of a chemical-based gel, which is applied to the teeth and a special lamp, which activates the ingredients in the gel, making them work much harder and much faster. In fact, some patients may even be lucky enough to notice a change in the colour of their teeth after just one hour of treatment. This procedure has to be carried out in the dental clinic for the safety of the patient, but you will be expected to take home your own whitening strips to “top-up” what has been achieved thanks to the Zoom! lasers.

In just one session, teeth can become up to ten shades lighter, eradicating any evidence of cigarettes, red wine or cups of tea and coffee. Teeth whitening is the ideal quick fix cosmetic dental treatment for patients who have lost confidence in their smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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