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Your Acton dentist looks at alternatives to sugar-filled sweets this Halloween


We all know sweets and sugary snacks can cause cavities and tooth decay and most parents usually make the effort to ration their child’s intake of sugar to protect them from this damage. However, as Halloween approaches many parents will find it hard to put a stop to the sugar binge when the trick or treating begins on the 31st of October.

Many Acton dentists are urging the use of alternatives to the usual sugar filled chocolates and candies, in order to help prevent the development of dental damage on Halloween night.

Obvious alternatives may be to hand out fruit such as apples, bananas or oranges, but apart from instantly making you unpopular with the local kids, it is not advised because the food will not normally come pre-packaged.

One alternative may be to use toys and other such treats, as an unorthodox alternative to bags upon bags of sweets. Small simple toys are popular with most kids and picking up packs of cheap Silly Bands, glow stick bracelets, stickers or bubbles can be just as much a hit with the kids and make the dental health nightmare that is Halloween just a little less nightmarish!

If you still feel committed to delivering a Halloween involving sweets, then you may consider organic or health snacks. Certified organic products contain natural sugar, which – while it can still be  damaging – does less harm when compared to mass-produced traditional sweets. Things such as home-made juice, ice-lollies and farm yard ice cream are also often much less damaging to teeth than their supermarket counterparts and are just as delicious.

So this Halloween take charge of your child’s Halloween and make sure they don’t need to fix their Acton dentist for dental decay or missing teeth.

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