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World No Tobacco Day 31st May


Did you know that tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world?

It is well known that half the people who smoke regularly today – about 650 million people – will eventually be killed by tobacco. Equally alarming is the fact that hundreds of thousands of people who have never smoked die each year from diseases caused by breathing second-hand tobacco smoke!

Tobacco in different forms is smoked by people all over the world. Smoking and chewing tobacco can make you four times more likely of developing oral cancer. In addition, tobacco causes:

q Bad breath

q Stained/discoloured teeth

q Increased risk of developing cavities

q Bone loss

q Shrinking gums

q Mouth sores

q Decreased sense of taste and smell

q Poor healing of mouth sores

q `Hairy’ tongue

If you fall into the category of long term users, watch for any white patch on your cheek or any other part of your mouth, an ulcer which does not heal for along time, or if your mouth opening has reduced. Also do visit your dentist at Sparkle Dental Boutique, Ealing where we can keep an eye on any changes to your dental health, and recommend treatments for fresher breath and whiter, brighter teeth.

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