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With the help of Ealing dentists you can make this Christmas sparkle


It can sometimes prove difficult to find a suitable present for a loved one, while they may also be having the same problem finding the perfect present for you! One present you could choose this Christmas is the gift of teeth whitening, sure to brighten up and add sparkle to the Holiday Season. Whitening can be a brilliant way to enhance your smile and treatments are surprisingly inexpensive.

There are a number of ways to go about whitening teeth, the most common of which are the at-home kits and in-surgery whitening.

The home-whitening kits can bring about the longest lasting and brightest results. However, it can take a long period of time for the final results to become noticeable. The biggest problem with at-home whitening is the damage that can be unwittingly caused to the teeth and gums.

There have been a number of horror stories involving at-home whitening kits. Often the whitening bleach – which is placed into trays – has been too intense and serious damage has been inflicted on the gums and teeth of the user’s mouth. Because of this, many dentists are strongly urging people who are considering this method to only use kits obtained from their Ealing dentist and not kits bought from the internet.

The second choice is in-surgery whitening. This form of whitening is provided in the dental practice and will involve whitening gel being placed on the teeth, which is then treated with a special laser that activates the gel to start the whitening process. This method is much faster than at-home whitening and a difference can sometimes be seen immediately after leaving the dental surgery.

The immediate effect is quicker with in-surgery whitening and only one session is needed to achieve the desired results. As an experienced and qualified practitioner provides the treatment there is no fear of damage or pain inflicted upon the teeth and gums.

The two methods have their own good and bad points and the choice depends on whichever you feel will make your Christmas extra special.

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