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Why Do You Need to Visit the Dentist Regularly?


You brush and floss your teeth twice a day, and use the correct technique. Your teeth and gums are healthy, and there’s little sign of gum disease. So do you really need to spend your time organising and going to regular appointments with your dentist?

The answer is still yes! 

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how mindful and thorough you are when it comes to oral care, plaque will still build up over time leading to potential cavities and gum disease. Your Dentist (and dental hygienist) are fully trained professionals that will be able to spot issues that you cannot, and heal them before they become a problem. 

Here are some of the specific tools your Dentist will use, and why it’s so important to take the time to have regular complete check up, rather than just brush at home.


As you know, your Dentist uses small hand-held mirrors in order to clearly view the back surfaces of your teeth. These mirrors also help by reflecting light into the back of your mouth, enabling your dentist to see plaque deposits clearly and remove them effectively. 


Scalers are the metal devices that Dentists use to scrape plaque off a patient’s teeth. They have two specific ends; pointed to use on the teeth above the gumline and a curved edge to clean below the gums without injuring them.


During a checkup, once the plaque has been removed, your Dentist will use a polishing tool and paste to polish your teeth. Creating a natural, white and shiny smile that you can’t achieve at home. 

In addition to these deep cleaning tools, your Dentist will perform a thorough oral exam, which can include x-rays if necessary, to determine if you have any current or developing oral health problems. These problems range from the easily fixed like cavities, to the more serious such as tumors and cysts. 

It doesn’t matter what the problem may be, however, they are all issues that you will not spot at home. You need regular professional checkups to keep your oral health in prime condition. 

It is recommended that you have a dental check up, and a cleaning from a hygienist, once every 6 months.

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