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Why are People Really Scared of Their Chiswick Dentist?


A phobia of going to the dentist is extremely common and many people simply refuse to make a dentist appointment through genuine fear.  There are many different parts of the dental experience that affect those with a phobia.  From embarrassment, gagging, pain, needles, right through to the dentist drill, all forms of dental phobia incite fear.

The misconception that going to see your Chiswick dentist will automatically result in pain is one of the biggest phobias. Enhanced by dental horror stories the fiction is now believed to be fact and many refuse to visit the dentist for fear that they will suffer the same fate. In reality, however, modern dentistry includes minimal pain with all types of anaesthetics available.  There will be some discomfort with certain treatments, but certainly nothing to fear.

The use of needles, drills and other various instruments is very frightening for those with a phobia.  The idea of needles is too much to bear for some, however, they are essential to relieving pain during dental treatments.  Dentists now apply a numbing gel before using a needle, so patients won’t feel a thing.  In relation to the use of instruments, many people will gag when a dentist goes near their mouth as part of their panic. It is important to breathe through your nose to stop this, with throat numbing sprays and nasal sprays also recommended.

One main cause of dental phobia is the feeling of a complete lack of control that the patient feels whilst undergoing treatment.  Not knowing what is going on and being unable to change anything may strike fear and panic into some patients.  However, should you speak to your dentist about this, they will do everything possible to keep everything calm and comfortable for you.  From taking things slowly, explaining the procedures and even arranging stop signals – all will be taken care of.

Embarrassment is often an excuse for not going to the dentist, and many who feel their teeth are particularly bad won’t want to be treated.  It is important to know that professional dentists will not make you feel uncomfortable in any way and all they do is best for the patient’s health and comfort.

As you can see the phobia of dentists is a diverse problem.  Every person that suffers with the phobia is different in terms of what makes him or her fear the dentist. Discussing your problems with your dentist is always the best option and they can tailor treatment to your needs and requirements.

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