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Why are ceramic braces becoming so popular in Hounslow?


We’ve come a long way from metal braces and appliances to align teeth and correct bite. Advancements in technology and materials have enabled research and development into new types of braces for the treatment of orthodontic concerns. Ceramic braces in Hounslow are a new innovation which are not only affordable, but also speed up treatment time and remain largely unnoticed while you are wearing them.

If your dentist has identified that you will benefit from wearing braces, then you have a number of factors to consider:

  • How much does your teeth alignment need correcting?
  • The type of braces that will correct your bite and feel comfortable for you.
  • Any other dental treatments needed.
  • The type of brace treatment suggested by your dentist or orthodontist.
  • The length of potential treatment time.
  • The cost of braces treatment.

Benefits of ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are particularly popular because they use tooth coloured fixtures, which allow your braces to merge into the natural colour of your own teeth. You can wear these braces without it being obvious that you are wearing braces and, if photographs are taken of you while wearing ceramic braces, the braces will not show.

Made of composite materials and tooth-coloured polycrystalline self-ligating brackets, ceramic braces can have hinges and/or elastics to facilitate movement. Some ceramic braces have hinges and others have replaceable elastics that blend in as naturally with your own teeth as ceramic brackets do. You can discuss these options with your dentist.

Not only are ceramic braces strong and durable, but they are also resistant to staining. People who have worn ceramic braces report that they are comfortable to wear and do not irritate their teeth and gums. These braces are light, adhere to your teeth tightly and are designed not to break, so you needn’t feel concerned about braces shifting in your mouth. The customised size and fit of ceramic braces means that your teeth can be straightened within 17 weeks for a brighter glowing smile. Speak to our team at Sparkle Dental Boutique about ceramic braces and what they can do for you.

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