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What to Expect when Visiting Your Dentist near Hounslow for Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is used when a tooth has become infected and is overly sensitive to hot and cold. There can also be tenderness when biting down and the swelling of the gums or face can also be a sign of infection. A bad taste in the mouth is another sign of a possible problem.

How to find a dental infection

However some people near Hounslow can be completely unaware of any infection but a simple x-ray can easily reveal if a tooth has an internal infection. This infection gets into the soft, pulp tissue inside of the tooth, which is directly connected to the nerve that causes the tooth sensitivity.

Unlike other oral infections this will not get better over time, nor will antibiotics be able to help. The only course of action is to have root canal treatment done. If the infection is left untreated it will result in a lowered immune system and eventual loss of the tooth.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is generally completed over two appointments. The first will involve an x-ray to assess the extent of the infection and then the tooth will be drilled in order to expose and remove the infected pulp. Any abscesses will be drained and an antibiotic solution will be put into the tooth before a temporary filling is fitted.

The next appointment will be somewhere between a week or two later. This will give the antibiotics time to kill off any remaining infection. The temporary filling is then removed and a permanent filling is put in its place. If the tooth is weak a crown may be suggested in order to give additional strength and protection for the tooth. As long as a good oral hygiene practice is observed the tooth should last for the remainder of the person’s life without any trouble.



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