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What is root canal treatment anyway?


Throughout our lives, you might have encountered several forms of dental treatment. This might have come in the form of braces, silver fillings or even implants. The sound of the dentist’s drill might scare you silly due to its demonic portrayal in such films as “Marathon Man”. But, a dentist is there to help you, not hurt you and will not glare at you with malevolent intentions as Laurence Olivier did to helpless Dustin Hoffman. No matter how you look at the matter, even if you live in the Chiswick area there are some dental procedures which not one person looks forward to with root canal treatment being a prime candidate.

Within Chiswick’s  area, there are a number of dentists which offer this form of treatment. But what is it?

Questions answered

Root canal treatment might be required when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected and it is required in order to save the tooth. You might notice that you require treatment after you start feeling prolonged sensitivity, an unpleasant taste in your mouth or your face starts to swell. However, you might not notice you have an infection and no pain is felt at all. But when an infection happens, swift action needs to be taken.

As the soft tissue of the tooth (otherwise known as pulp) becomes infected which could have happened due to a consequence of physical trauma to the tooth, an abscess might occur which will not go away without dental treatment.

The treatment explained and how Sparkle Dental can help

Completed over the course of two appointments, it is on your first visit that any infection is removed with the abscesses drained and the tooth smoothed so that it can have a permanent filling. However, a temporary filling is put in place with the permanent filling happening on your second visit. It is on this second visit that further abscesses and infections are checked for.

If you are thinking about having root canal treatment carried out on yourself or have any questions about this procedure at all, by asking your local dentist in Chiswick will quench any fears you have about this procedure which needn’t be as stressful as you imagine.

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