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What is Icon White Spot Treatment, and why do you need it!


ICON is a revolutionary new cosmetic treatment, that can almost immediately repair and change the look of your teeth, without the need for any drilling or filling! It almost sounds too good to be true.

As a new treatment on the market, little is known about it. So here is a rundown of exactly what ICON is, how it works, and why it could be the way for you to get the smile of your dreams. 

What is ICON White Spot Treatment? 

ICON is a non-invasive treatment that uses new dental technology to fix the appearance and repair teeth damaged by white spots. White spots are fairly common in adults and can be caused by a range of factors; high fluoride intake, loss of minerals from the enamel, braces and trauma as a baby. While white spots are not harmful, they can look unsightly, and usually hint towards enamel damage. 

How does ICON work? 

People often mistake white spots as staining and so try to fix it through teeth whitening. This just increases the problem, however, as the white spot just ends up being whitened lighter than the tooth! ICON restores the natural colour of the tooth, and blends the white spots in with the rest of the tooth. An ICON gel is first applied for a few minutes, this is then rinsed off and the area fully dried. Next the ICON infiltrant is applied, and left to set, once this is removed the process is over and the amazing results are instantly visible.

What are the benefits to ICON?

The entire ICON process takes only 15 minutes per tooth, meaning you can change your whole smile in less than a day. As ICON is completely non-invasive, no drilling or filling required at all, there is also no need to factor in recovery time. You can go about the rest of your day and show off your beautiful new smile straight away. 

Is ICON for me? 

Yes! If you’re struggling with white spots, and have been unsure of how to fix them in the past, then ICON is your answer. Its quick, non-invasive, delivers instant results and also helps to repair the tooth, rather than just change its look cosmetically. The positives are immense. 

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