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What does Your Smile Tell You on Groundhog Day? Dentists serving patients in Hounslow can help


In Canada and the USA the 2nd of February is celebrated as Groundhog Day. Folklore has it that on this day the groundhog would come out of its burrow. If the groundhog sees its shadow due to the sun it will get back into the burrow, signaling that the winter is going to stay on for an addition six weeks, and if it is cloudy then groundhog will not return to its burrow, signaling that the winter will be over soon.

Many social events are organised to celebrate this day when speeches are made, jokes are cracked and food is served. Also, just like any other social event lots of smiles are shared. These social events can be slightly discomforting if your teeth are less than perfect and are causing you to hide them when you smile. You might be avoiding wearing braces as it might take up to three years for the treatment to complete, but there is a better option, which is Invisalign braces. It works very much like the regular braces, but has been modified to better suit your needs.

The aligners used in Invisalign as provided by dentists serving patients in Hounslow are very discreet so it will not affect your confidence level. The time required for the treatment to complete is normally between 6 to 15 months, which is less in comparison to other braces.

However, the best part about Invisalign braces is that you can take them off and put them back whenever you want, unlike the metal braces which are permanently cemented to the teeth. This allows you to be without braces on special occasions. A wide range of teeth conditions can be fixed by Invisalign braces, these include overbite, under bite, highly crowded teeth and widely spaced teeth. It is always good to consult a dentist even if you feel your teeth are beyond repair.

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