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Wedding Smiles For Brides and Grooms Near Hounslow


Weddings are always special, not just for the happy couple but for the rest of the family and friends who are invited along too. Weddings should be happy days, filled with smiles which will be preserved for the years to come in photos so that the big day won’t be forgotten. So wouldn’t it be a shame if you felt self-conscious about your smile on the day, and felt that you couldn’t should how happiness for fear of being embarrassed? Help is at hand at Sparkle Dental Boutique however, where several different treatments are available to help you feel at your most confident about your teeth on the big day.

What treatments are available?

Several different treatments are offered at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hounslow, and the treatment which will be best for you depends on your needs and how long you are available to have treatment for before the day itself. For example, if you feel self-conscious about protruding teeth or gaps in teeth, even problems like this can be fixed using the 6 Month Smile treatments. This uses special braces made of transparent wires and brackets – meaning that even while you’re receiving treatment, it will hardly be noticeable – to help move your teeth into a different position to give you a more uniform smile. By focussing only on the teeth that show when you smile, this treatment is much quicker than other braces treatments, only taking six months.

What if I don’t have six months until the wedding?

For less radical changes, other treatments are available. Dental crowns can help strengthen and repair chipped or broken teeth, helping your smile to look as good as possible by fitting over your teeth. Veneers are another option. They can be made to the shade you wish, and stuck onto your teeth to give the appearance of a flawless smile. Call Sparkle Dental Boutique to discuss your needs and find which treatments would be best for you.


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