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Vitally important areas of your body


There are many things which a body needs for it to work well. For our brains, the old wives tale that fish is good for the largest muscle in our body is reported to be true but, for other areas of our body, it needs the intake of many items and activities for it to fully function.

No matter how many exercise DVD’s there are, some people do not just want to exercise down the gym or in running clubs. Exercise needn’t be as stressful as everyone says it is and the suggested thirty minutes of exercise can be done by walking, light jogging or simply walking to the supermarket rather than using your car. A gym needn’t be the only way for you to get all the exercise you need. If you live in the Hanwell area of Greater London, the River Thames is just over half a kilometre away so why not enjoy that long and winding waterway even more?

Other ways to keep a healthy mind and body

And when you exercise or do anything which is not as strenuous, drinking plenty of water is vital. The body is sixty to seventy per cent water and it needs water in order for it to fully function. Depending on how much exercise you do, you will need to drink more water but eight glasses of water is very important as it keeps the body healthy.

Eating those five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is just as vital as drinking water. These portions need to be different from each other and an individual serving should be a minimal 80g. By eating a balanced diet which is rich in fibre, low in fat and salt as well as eating food rich in protein will allow for the body to function as best as it possibly can.

When the day is done, resting the body is just as important as providing it with the right level of nutrients. Although it is recommended that you should have eight hours of sleep every night, some people might need more or less than this. Whatever your preferred type of sleep, by falling into deep REM will help the body as it can give you that natural high of a good night’s sleep.

Leading this way of life needn’t be stressful and it might need only a few minor adjustments for you and your loved ones to achieve this. And don’t forget to give your dentist a visit every 6 months to ensure your oral health.

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