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Vampire teeth for a scary Halloween in Chiswick


Halloween has always been about two things in Chiswick: binging on sweets and dressing up as your favourite monster or bad guy. Iconic vampire characters such as Dracula and Nosferatu have always been exceptionally popular and today’s teen vampire movies mean the undead trend will continue.

We all know that no vampire outfit is complete without the compulsory long cloak, slicked back hair, pale skin and, most of all, a set of scary vampire fangs. While most people are happy to wear a set of fake gnashers for the night, others have turned to the rather extreme method of vampire dental implants!

While this form of dental surgery will may make your Halloween come alive it might seem like a bad idea after the 31st of October has come and gone.

Despite this, the procedure, which converts the canine teeth into a more ‘vampiric’ form, may be more common than you think.

Whether you want to be the new Edward on the block or just want a missing tooth replaced, a dental implant can produce permanent and life-like results. The implant is placed into the gum and jawbone to create a root for a new false tooth. After the area has healed the patient will be fitted with a brand new tooth, which looks and feels like a natural tooth.

However, if you do opt for the vampire fang attachment, this natural tooth may look like it belongs to Dracula, rather than yourself. We recommend you stick with something more natural-looking!

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