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Valplast Sets the World of Dentures on Fire for Patients from Hanwell


Unfortunately for us, our teeth don’t always last forever and this is a fact of life. But, there are many options available to patients from Hanwell replace teeth that have been extracted or lost. Missing teeth can cause an acute amount of suffering and embarrassment. They can affect how we socialise and many people start to stay indoors more often, fearful of people looking at their teeth. Missing teeth can also affect the shape of the face, as the dental foundation changes and the facial structure declines. Teeth either side of the missing tooth can move around and also missing teeth can cause speech and bite problems.

What solution is on offer?

It is very important to replace lost teeth and an innovative product worth consideration at Sparkle Dental Boutique is a new form of cosmetic dentures called Valplast dentures, which are incredibly comfortable in and almost impossible to detect in the mouth.

These dentures are cleverly designed using numerous layers of material, which mimic the natural colour of the teeth and gums, giving you a young looking, white and wonderful smile.

Why is Valplast different?

Valplast dentures are entirely different to other dentures due to their makeup. The clearness of the materials used lets the tissue underneath come through so that there is a natural depth and colour to the denture not seen in any other denture treatment.

The materials used are impossible to break, never has a denture treatment been so strong. Another positive aspect is that there are no metal clasps needed unlike many other dentures, giving a natural invisible look in the mouth.

If you would like to speak to us further about Valplast Dentures call Sparkles Dental Boutique today for further advice and information.

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