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Trick or Treat Yourself this Halloween!


Halloween is on its way on the night of 31st October with halloween activities of trick or treating, ghost tours, bonfires, pumpkins, costume parties and haunted houses…and it’s the only time of year where vampire and werewolf looking gnashers are totally acceptable!

Fang-like Teeth


No need to only come out at night as transforming your vampire or `fang like’ teeth into sparkly whites, is now easier than ever!

Fangs All Gone! (Smile Transformations by Dr Sunita Verma)


At Sparkle Dental Boutique, Hounslow transforming your gnashers may be simpler than you think. Dr Sunita Verma says, “There are many things that we do at Sparkle, from whitening discoloured or stained teeth, to re-aligning crooked teeth, to closing spaces or gaps left by missing teeth to restoring chipped and broken teeth and much, much more!”

“We can restore teeth and greatly improve their strength, appearance and longevity with bespoke porcelain veneers or crowns. With a fang like tooth, a porcelain veneer or crown can be shaped, coloured, sized and positioned to dramatically improve the look of this tooth. The best thing is that crowns or veneers are made from natural looking translucent porcelain, so blend in well with neighbouring teeth so that no one can tell that you have them.”



So this Halloween, treat yourself to a beautiful looking smile and greater self-confidence and who knows catching an apple in the traditional Halloween `apple bobbing’ game may not be the only thing you catch…

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