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Metal Braces

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“It’s been fantastic. I can’t stop smiling! I am really pleased with the results. I can’t wait to take pictures.”

Charlene, Uxbridge, London

Metal Braces are still commonly used for all types of orthodontic cases and are often the most economical braces treatment.

Advancements in technology make metal braces more comfortable and much smaller than they used to be. The impact on your appearance is therefore not as drastic. We even offer funky coloured brackets and bands to make your braces into a fashion statement.

What are Metal braces?

Metal braces are still the brace of choice for many patients and are used extensively in children’s NHS orthodontic treatment. They are used in orthodontics to align and straighten teeth, while also improving your dental health.

Metal braces use metal brackets and wires to move teeth, giving you a perfect smile.

When would I need Metal braces?

Metal braces are used to correct all types of orthodontic problems, no matter how severe. You may need braces if you have:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced or gappy teeth
  • Cross bites
  • Deep bites
  • Open bites
  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Protruding or 'goofy' teeth

Why choose a Orthodontist for your care?

Our dentist offers the latest technologically advanced treatment in orthodontics to provide you with a perfect smile, including:

What is the procedure?

To get the smile you want, our Orthodontist will understand your dental concerns and determine if metal braces are suitable for you.

At your first appointment, we will take digital x-rays, photographs of your smile and models of your teeth in preparation for your metal braces to be fitted.

At your second appointment, we will fit your metal braces. Conventional metal braces use metal brackets and ties to hold the arch wire in place. A bracket will be bonded to the front surface of the teeth that need to be braced. An arch wire is threaded between the brackets which apply forces to the teeth to help the teeth to move.

Our team will see you every 4-6 weeks to bend, shape and tighten your arch wires to achieve the desired results.

The treatment length of metal braces can vary and will depend on your case; usually it lies between 9-24 months.

Once your treatment is complete we will provide you with a retainer to ensure your teeth stay in position and you can enjoy your new smile for a lifetime.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Metal braces are ideal for complex dental irregularities.

  • Age: Suitable for all age groups - children, teens and adults
  • Comfort: Most patients experience minimal discomfort and speech interference, after just a short adjustment period, you will be able to eat and speak normally
  • Economical: More economical than other orthodontic braces
  • Reliable: Correct all types of incorrect tooth positions

How will I feel after treatment?

When you first have your metal braces fitted and at your follow up adjustment appointments, you may experience a feeling of tension in the mouth as your teeth start to move into their new position. This is usually temporary and your mouth will adapt to your metal braces within a few days.

Your speech may initially be affected. However, your speech will improve as you become accustomed to your metal braces.

Metal braces are fixed to the front surface of your teeth and therefore cannot be removed for cleaning. It is therefore important that you brush well. We provide you with a complimentary orthodontic care kit with special interdental brushes to keep your teeth and brace clean.

How long will my treatment take?

Treatment using metal braces are as individual as you are. That’s why the duration of treatment will differ from one person to the next. Treatment time usually takes 9-24 months but will vary according to your individual treatment needs and how complex your case is.

Our Orthodontist will see you every 4-6 weeks for around 20 minutes to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Free retainers

Wearing a retainer after your orthodontic treatment is an important step, because it keeps your teeth stable in their new position. To help you maintain your new smile, we provide a free retainer for you at the end of your metal braces treatment

In addition, after completing your treatment, our Orthodontist will also see you for a further two complimentary appointments, at six monthly intervals, to ensure all is well.

How much will my Metal Braces cost?

We understand that price is an important consideration. Like any orthodontic treatment, the cost of metal braces is dependent on your suitability for treatment, the complexity of your treatment and how long your treatment will take.

When you come to see us for your first consultation, we will determine the most appropriate braces treatment for you and provide you with a treatment plan and cost.

  • Any breakages of the brace, bracket and wires are included.
  • All scheduled appointments and aftercare are included in our prices.
  • There are no hidden extras.

All of our brace treatments come with a flexible payment plan to suit your needs.

To obtain an estimate for the total cost for your treatment, please call 020 8567 4344 for your consultation or email us.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Metal fixed braces are one of many options available to you. If you concerned about your braces showing throughout treatment, you may wish to consider one of our other braces options or cosmetic dental treatments..

Alternative treatments: Damon Braces, Ceramic Braces, Invisible Braces


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We understand you may have lots of questions! Our team would love to speak with you and even book in an appointment. Enter your details below or alternatively give us a call directly on:

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