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Treat Your Teeth To A Little Hygiene Therapy


If you think good dentistry is simply about fixing the problem areas of your mouth – tooth decay, abscesses, filling after filling – then think again.  Preventative measures such as regular hygiene therapy treatment are the key to achieving excellent oral health and keeping those dentist visits to a minimum.  It’s really straightforward.  Cleaning your teeth and gums rids them of the nasty substances that build up over time and leave your dentist reaching for the drill.

But I always brush twice daily

While brushing and flossing are extremely important to the health of your mouth, on their own such routines cannot remove the hardened deposits that naturally accumulate on the surface of your teeth.  This is where your dental hygienist comes in.  Hygienists are highly skilled in removing substances like tartar, plaque, and food remains from the gaps between your teeth and those under your gum line, where, hard to believe, there is actually plenty of room for such things to hide away and fester.  Inquire at any dental surgery in Ealing, for example, and you will discover how crucial hygiene therapy is to the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums, being described by some professionals as thee single most important piece of treatment your teeth can undergo.  Think of it like taking care of the foundations.  When you build a house a good infrastructure is everything.

It would be pointless to attempt to build on rotten or shaky ground.  The same is true of your mouth.  All the aesthetic dental work in the world will mean nothing unless it is carried out on sound gums and bone, the foundations of your teeth.  So a bit of extra help is needed from your hygiene therapist.  Keep oral bacteria, bad breath, and bleeding gums at bay by going for the deep down clean your teeth will thrive on.

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