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Traditional And Functional Fixed Braces Treatment For Patients Near Ealing


Braces have been used for decades and fixed braces are still very popular, despite the introduction of a host of new and exciting orthodontic treatments. Traditional fixed braces are the most common type of brace. They can be used to treat patients with minor and complex orthodontic problems and they are widely available for patients of all ages. Functional braces, also known as orthopaedic braces, are a type of fixed brace that is designed for younger patients and can only be used when the mouth is still growing and developing.

Functional braces

Functional braces are recommended for children and young teenagers who have problems with the alignment of their lower and upper teeth. They are fixed to the top, bottom or both sets of teeth and they can help to correct common problems, such as protruding front teeth, misalignment of the upper and lower teeth and problems with the position of the jaw joint.

Functional braces, as the name suggests, have functional benefits, but they also improve the aesthetic of the smile, which gives children confidence and prevents them from feeling self-conscious when they smile.

Orthodontic problems are very common and often, it is best to treat them early, as they tend to get worse over time. Functional braces are designed to correct problems in young patients to prevent them from developing problems, which may be difficult to treat once they get older.

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