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Tooth sensitivity can be dealt with by dentists serving patients from Kew


Tooth sensitivity can be painful and often becomes apparent when eating or drinking foods high or low in temperatures; even the weather can result in sensitivity! This is due to the erosion of dental enamel and can result from general wear and tear and bad oral hygiene. Once the dental enamel is lost it cannot be restored.

The layer underneath the enamel is called dentin and is the source of tooth sensitivity. Dentin is lined with nerves and when this is exposed to certain foodstuffs, it can contribute to sensitivity. If you suffer from this affliction, it may be a good idea to switch toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash.


There are a number of toothpastes released in recent years which are aimed at people with tooth sensitivity. They work by blocking off the tubules link between the nerves inside the tooth. Rather than brushing traditionally (which can still be done) it works better if the paste is applied directly onto the sensitive area and gently rubbed with the finger; don’t rinse in this instance, as leaving it on will achieve a better effect. Results may not be instantaneous and it can often take a couple of weeks to feel the full effects.


Using non-alcoholic mouthwash can be a brilliant way of helping with sensitivity, especially as many non-alcoholic mouthwashes have higher fluoride levels than their alcoholic counterparts. Remember not to swill with water after you have spat out, as you want to leave a small amount of the mouthwash in the mouth to provide continued tooth protection.


In a similar way to switching a child from a softer baby brush to an adult brush as they get older, people with sensitive teeth can benefit from switching their toothbrush. Using a soft bristled toothbrush can help to slow dental erosion and reduce sensitivity. Many people brush too hard and actually do more damage than good when they brush. Switching to a softer brush can help, even if you are experiencing sensitivity, as it will stimulate the teeth less and help ease pain.

The best method for brushing sensitive teeth is to brush thoroughly but not too hard. Brushing too lightly or too hard can cause problems and the trick is finding the right level. Concentrate on brushing all areas of the mouth thoroughly, rather than brushing hard and fast to finish quickly. Visit dentists serving patients in Kew for proper advice on teeth maintenance.

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