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To Add Fluoride or Not Add Fluoride: That is the Question?


In a recent article in the The Dental Tribune (15-21 September), the first series of consultations have started to have water fluoridated.

It is widely believed that water fluoridation is the most effective way of reducing the large number of tooth fillings and extractions needed and will also improve general oral health. As a result of fluoridation, the Primary Care Trusts believe that the average child is likely to have two fewer decayed teeth and that 15% more children will be totally free from tooth decay. Evidence also suggests that where countries that have had fluoridated water for over 40 years such as the USA and the Irish Republic, adults as well as children benefit from fluoridation.

However, anti fluoride campaigners, UK Councils Against Fluoridation claim that by putting fluoride in water, one in eight children will grow up to experience discoloured or mottled teeth, which may result in the need for cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Sunita Verma, Sparkle Dental Boutique, Acton says “Many reports have been published about the pro’s and cons of fluoridation with fluoride helping to reduce decay, with no harmful side effects to general health. Around 5.5 million people in Britain already drink fluoridated water.”

Sunita goes on to say “However on a recent trip to a village in India, I saw many young children who had noticeably discoloured teeth as a result of the amount of fluoride in their water. Public consultations are running at the moment and it will be interesting to see the outcome early next year”.

Children in India with fluorosis




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