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Time to spring clean your teeth


Yes, it’s that time of year again.  The weather is warming up, the birds are tweeting, and you’ve just started your spring-cleaning in time for a great summer.  But wait, it’s not just your house and garden that needs attention at this time of year!  Don’t forget your teeth.  Staying on top of your oral hygiene will set you up for a great smile – all year round.  And the good news is that a dental cleaning is easier and faster than doing the housework!

Next time you’re shopping in Hounslow, slip in to see your dentist for a great clean up job.  It really is as simple and as fast as that, and we promise there’s no sweating involved!  Just like those troublesome corners where dust builds up around the house, your mouth naturally harbours tartar and plaque that if left untreated can lead to an abundance of bacteria and eventually gum disease.

Keep your oral health in tip top shape

Thankfully getting a regular dental clean is all you need to do in order to make sure your mouth is as clean and sparkly as your home is this spring.  Your dentist or dental hygienist will remove these built up areas of tartar and plaque deposits.  But remember, just as the regular spring cleaning of your house prevents the large-scale build up of grime, so seeing your dentist regularly for a clean ensures that you won’t have to undergo any deep scraping of your teeth and you can be in and out in no time at all.

What’s more, the procedure is usually totally pain free, in fact it’s more like a tickling sensation than anything else.  And the best thing with this treatment is that you can immediately feel and see the difference.  There’s nothing better than the smooth, clean feel of your teeth afterwards – and it beats having to do the housework!

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