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The way forward isn’t black and white


To the vast majority of adults out there, there is not anything like waking up and having that first coffee of the day. That satisfying feeling of caffeine entering your system is a sensation which cannot be bettered at 7am. If this cup leads to a second, third or even fourth by lunchtime might not have an immediate effect on our dental health but during the course of several weeks, months or years it could prove to have a drastic effect on the colour of your teeth.

But it isn’t just that one too many cups of tea or coffee which is bound to effect the colour of your teeth but also tobacco products. Possessing no health benefits whatsoever, that occasional cigarette not only affects the general condition of your heart and lungs but also your teeth as the colour of such turns into a pigment similar to a resident of Springfield.

The products on offer

There is a wide spectrum available for your own cosmetic dentist to advise you on and which is the best that can provide you with the most effective results. “Zoom2!” is an example of such and is one of the easiest to apply. Teeth whitening gel is applied directly to your gnashers and during the course of one hour you normally find that your teeth will change to several different shades of white within this time. Home whitening products are also available and are worn for one hour every day with results evident after ten or fourteen days.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

Whether you’re living in the beautiful area of Church Street in Kew or even if you work at one of the local schools in this small London town, by visiting your local dentist will enable you to find out the most relevant information about how teeth whitening products can help you achieve that pearly white smile that you have longed to have for such a long time.

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