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The Smile Lift

The Smile Lift

The smile lift or the smile makeover as it is sometimes known is a new procedure that has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. It has even been called “the scalpel free face lift” as it is a non invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery.

The procedure is simple. By altering the tooth width and size with porcelain veneers, at Sparkle Dental Boutique, Acton, we can create the effect of lifting the lips and widening the smile. The result is a more sensual mouth with diminished wrinkles, laughter lines and smokers lines!

As well as a sexy new smile, the results of a smile lift or makeover are life changing. Most patients report a huge surge in confidence and self esteem and many go on to do things that they were previously unable to like having photographs taken, finding a new job, starting a new relationship, getting married, public speaking but most importantly smiling!

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