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The safer option of white fillings at your Ealing private dentist


If you have ever had an amalgam filling then you may be aware of the associated problems. Worries concerning mercury poisoning have seen a decline in the number of practices still offering metal fillings and a subsequent rise in composite fillings. Metal fillings can expand and contract, causing the tooth to fracture, leading to further dental problems.

Metal fillings also damage the appearance of a smile, marking the teeth with black patches, visible every time you laugh. A white filling blends in with the natural colour of your teeth and also bonds with the tooth, leaving it stronger than before.

The silver filling will also over time corrode and therefore leak and this can lead to decay developing underneath the filling. Even though the new composite resin fillings cost more than the traditional amalgam fillings, it is worth it because not only is there a reduced risk of anything happening in the future, but it also leaves you with a much more natural smile.

If you currently have a metal filling a simple procedure by your Ealing dentist can replace it with a white filling, ensure better aesthetics and functionality. White fillings do cost a little bit more than amalgam, but the health benefits alone mean it is a much better option.

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