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The Pets of Hounslow are Barking Mad for Good Oral Health


Crufts, the world’s most famous dog competition, is fast approaching and Sparkle Dental Boutique, which serves patients from Hounslow, believe that there is no better time to check your pet’s oral health to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy – we can’t help but a vet can!

Most people are aware that they need to clean their teeth twice a day and see a dentist on a regular basis to prevent oral health diseases. However, surveys reveal that most people are not so dedicated to their pet’s oral health and most are unaware that they need to take care of their pet’s teeth and gums.

Oral health problems

Statistics from animal charities and veterinary associations are worrying, as around 80% of cats and dogs over the age of 3 years old suffer from dental decay and gum disease, even though these diseases are preventable and curable if they are caught in time.

Signs to look out for in your pet include bad breath, avoiding eating or appearing to feel pain during eating, using only one side of the mouth to chew, pawing at their mouth and being quieter and more withdrawn than usual. It is also important to check the gums on a regular basis for signs of redness, inflammation or bleeding.

Treatment for oral health diseases

In most cases, dental diseases are largely preventable and they can be cured. However, if gum disease is allowed to develop and progress, it can be very difficult to treat and the teeth may become loose and eventually fall out. If periodontal disease becomes advanced, it can affect other organs, including the liver, heart and kidneys. If you notice symptoms and warning signs, including bleeding, swelling and redness, it is important to arrange to see your vet as soon as possible.

Preventing pet oral health diseases

To prevent oral health diseases, it is advisable to have a look at your pet’s gums and teeth on a regular basis. Look out for warning signs including redness, swelling, pain and bleeding and if your pet does have any of these symptoms, take them to the vet as soon as possible. Giving your pet chew sticks or hard biscuits will help to stimulate their gums, but try to avoid very hard foods, as these can cause damage to the teeth. Taking your pet to the vet for regular dental examinations (ideally every 6 months) will also help to keep oral health diseases at bay.

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