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The Innovative Technology We Use For Ultimate Patient Result For Those Near Acton


Only 10 years ago, in 2002, mobile phones did not contain a camera as standard and most didn’t have a colour screen. In 2012 it is quite easy to book a holiday, check online banking, view the weather forecast and even speak to loved ones using video calls. In the same way a smart phone or tablet can make life easier, Sparkle has an array of technologies to provide the best, most advanced and efficient treatments that are available anywhere in the world.

Let’s Get Technical

Sparkle Dental Boutique near Acton uses Laser Technology for soft tissue treatments such as laser activated tooth whitening and cosmetic gum colouring. An Intra Oral Camera is a probe shaped camera that allows documentation of dental conditions, advanced diagnosis and most importantly, helping patients understand their dental needs by seeing inside their mouth with their own eyes. Digital Radiography reduces radiation exposure by up to 80%, increasing patient comfort and providing an instant image on a monitor. Instant images save waiting for x-ray prints to be processed and the important business of treatment can continue seamlessly without the need for a separate visit to the clinic. Our Kodak 8000c Digital X-ray camera also produces optimally exposed panoramic and cephalometric images instantly. Panoramic X-Rays gives an overview of the entire mouth, jaw bone, cheek bones, sinuses and hard and soft tissue. Its primary uses are for patients requiring dentures, implants or braces. Cephalometric X-Ray produces a side view of the patient’s head and is used for orthodontic treatment planning.

There’s More…

The conventional dental drill has been replaced in many instances by air abrasion. A dental technology that can prepare tooth surfaces and remove decay whilst minimising the loss of healthy tooth material. Our general cleanliness is backed up by our state-of-the-art sterilising room. And we have utilised computer advances to simulate the changes to your smile before you get comfortable in our A-dec Chair, the premier chair of its kind that enhances comfort and reduces pressure points on the patient.



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