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The importance of retainers after braces treatment at Acton dentists


For many patients in Acton finally getting their braces removed can be an extremely exciting prospect. However, it is vital that patients have a full understanding of exactly how important the use of retainers is following treatment with braces.

To put it bluntly a retainer is imperative if a patient does not wish to have their teeth revert back to the state they were in before their treatment. This is because a person’s mouth and teeth are constantly shifting and if they are not kept in check with a retainer, they may slowly but surely move into a less than flattering position.

Although this may all sound daunting (especially if you thought you were finally rid of dental devices), retainers are absolutely nothing to be scared of. Many patients find it helpful to think of them as the ‘next stage’ in their brace treatment and are made a few weeks before the actual braces are removed, from a plastic mould of the patient’s teeth.

It is very important that a patient wears their retainer 7 days a week once they have had their braces removed. This cannot be stressed enough, as the first few months following the removal of braces are the most vital for realising how successful the treatment will be.

Eventually, a patient will be able to wear their retainer less and less during the daytime, until they are finally only required to wear it while they sleep.

Although patients might experience some mild irritation from their retainer, they are certainly not painful and will soon begin to feel comfortable and habitual. Patients can sleep soundly and will barely notice that they are wearing a retainer.

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