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The Importance of General Dentistry for Patients in Brentford


Many first-time patients at Sparkle Dental Boutique are visiting the clinic because they are interested in having some cosmetic dentistry work done and have seen the choice of products and treatments that we have on offer. However, Sparkle is also a normal, everyday dental clinic offering various treatments that are essential for good oral health.

Everything from six-monthly check-ups and sessions with the hygienist to root canal work and fillings are available at the practice. There is little point in having expensive orthodontic work or teeth whitening if your teeth are so unhealthy they will have fallen out in a few years anyway! General check-ups are important for monitoring a oral health, as well as providing an early warning system for any major developing problems, such as cavities, tooth decay or gum disease. Dental hygienists are also trained to spot these conditions, as well as making sure that the patient’s teeth are as clean as possible, Both your dentist and their staff will also be able to advise you on the best products and techniques for keeping your mouth healthy.

If you do have a problem with your teeth, you can make an appointment to have a dentist take a look at your convenience and many dentists serving patients from Brentford also offer emergency treatment with same-day appointments. Anyone who has suffered from severe toothache will tell you that it is impossible to cope with such pain for 24 hours, yet many dentists will make patients wait until a slot is available. This isn’t the case at Sparkle Dental Boutique and you can see a dentist the day your pain begins.

All the standard dentistry treatments that you can get at an NHS dentist are also available in the much more comfortable and pleasant surroundings of Sparkle boutique. Whether you need root canal treatment, a tooth extraction or you have a couple of minor cavities that need filling, you will find the services you need at the practice Of course, once you have your teeth in great condition there is nothing to stop patients considering cosmetic dentistry options, but Sparkle’s first priority will be to the oral health of our clients.

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