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The Crowning Glory Making The Most Of What You’ve Got At The Dentist


For many people, facing up to a check up twice a year can only mean one thing: tooth loss and heartache.  Hard for some to believe, however, going to the dentist isn’t all about purging and pulling teeth.  In fact dental crowns are just one way in which your dentist is able to work with the teeth you have – even if you believe they are irrefutably damaged in some way.  Rather than getting rid of what appear to be defective teeth, a dental crown will allow your dentist to restore and preserve what’s left of your original tooth.  Dental crowns become necessary when the underlying structure of the original tooth has been undermined.  Your teeth require a strong, long-lasting foundation to stay healthy.

A dental crown ensures that they remain so – and if you opt for a natural, tooth-coloured porcelain fitting, no one will be any the wiser!  It operates just as a crown that sits on your head would.  Positioned securely on top of the tooth, your dentist will make sure it fits in with the rest of your teeth so that it compliments your smile.  Perhaps one of your teeth is cracked, fractured, or troubled by cavities, or maybe your teeth have undergone some severe decay.  Perhaps grinding your teeth during the night or an unhealthy diet has meant that they have worn away over the years.  If you can relate to any of these complaints, fear not, with a dental crown the lingering idea of tooth abstraction is an anxiety you can wave goodbye to.

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