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Thanksgiving Day – Give thanks for a smile achieved by Brentford dentists


When you think of Thanksgiving Day you would be forgiven for immediately thinking of American families gathered around a table, eating turkey and watching an American football game. But not many people know it is celebrated in other countries as well. Canada, Liberia and parts of New Zealand and the Netherlands celebrate this occasion too (although Canada, Liberia and the Norfolk Island in New Zealand celebrate it on different days). A tradition of the period is to ‘give thanks’ for what you have, so what are you thankful for? Well, one thing could be your smile thanks to your Brentford dentist!

We can be thankful that we live in a time where cosmetic dentistry has progressed to a stage where nothing is impossible. It can be overwhelming to think of the amount of pressure that is thrust upon us to look a certain way, but now we can feel more in control and better about our appearance due to the wealth of options and possibilities available to us. Now we can rejuvenate our smile with confidence due to advancements in implants, veneers, teeth whitening, teeth correction, gum correction and much more.

Today, ‘train track’ metal braces are a thing of the past now that clear aligners and tooth coloured braces have become the primary source of treatment for misaligned teeth. The advancements in teeth correction methods are not just cosmetic and treatment is now a great deal shorter than previous orthodontic methods.

The progression of dental implants has dramatically changed peoples’ lives. At one time it would have taken months to receive a set of implants with restoration, but now it is possible restore a complete smile in just one day thanks to the All-on-4 implant method. Even those who were told they did not qualify for implants due to weak jawbones and gums can now be treated.

Teeth whitening has also greatly advanced and we are now at the age of laser teeth whitening, which requires no bleach and can last for over a year.

So, one thing to be thankful for is that we live in a time that we can have the smile that we desire.

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