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Victoria's Story

"I no longer feel jealous of people with straight teeth and I now smile when someone takes a photo of me."

Victoria's treatment comprises of Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening.

“I initially visited Sparkle just to get more information about possible solutions to my dental problem. I chose Sparkle for this because it was near to my home (just a five minute walk) and it looked stylish and inviting. I decided to have treatment there because the team was so warm and welcoming.

I had a crooked top incisor which protruded slightly and made my smile uneven. This problem had concerned me for many years, but I thought for a long time that the only way to correct it was by using a brace and I didn’t think it was worth the effort!

I decided to do something about it when I started auditioning for drama school, because I saw in the brochures that all the students had beautiful smiles.

I also thought having straight teeth would give me more confidence generally.

From my first visit to my last all the staff were warm and welcoming. Everyone treated me as a person rather than just a client, showing a genuine interest in my progress with auditions.

Victoria's Testimonial
Before Treatment
Victoria's Testimonial
After Treatment

Most importantly, I felt I could trust Sparkle to do an exceptional job with my teeth.

All the facilities were spotless and looked beautiful. I had porcelain veneers on the top four incisors and had the rest of my teeth whitened. This involved several visits to do the whitening, take measurements, fit the veneers etc. The longest procedure was fitting the temporary veneers. I think this took 2 1/2hours. After this, I was given some smoothies and a fruit salad, and enjoyed unwinding in the massage chair in their relaxation room. I felt confident with the treatment and I was happy with the care I received. I was given pain relief products and clear aftercare information. I understood that there were various financial options available to me, but preferred to make a single payment, so these were not discussed in much depth. I am really pleased with my new smile. Although I have got used to it now.

I still can hardly believe that I have been able to change something had concerned me for such a long time.

I no longer feel jealous of people with straight teeth and I now smile when someone takes a photo of me. I would happily recommend Sparkle to my friends and family.”

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