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Hanna's Story

"After a check up my options were clearly explained and I opted to have laser whitening and composite bonding veneers."

Hanna's treatment comprised of Composite Veneers and Teeth Whitening.

“When I win the lottery, I’ll get my teeth sorted’ had been my promise to myself for the last decade.

Ever since I was a teenager I had hated my stained and gappy teeth which made me me feel embarrassed and self conscious, especially now that my photos were regularly on the Internet courtesy of Facebook.

I perfected the art of stupid expressions instead so no-one noticed the teeth.

However upon mentioning this resolution to my new colleague she surprised me by telling me that actually having my teeth sorted shouldn’t cost me a fortune and recommended me to Sparkle. After a nervous couple of weeks procrastinating and reading as many online reviews as I could find (all of which were reassuringly positive) I finally booked an appointment and set off for a 45 minute journey from my home in South London.

Once I arrived I felt a lot less nervous, it was more like an upmarket spa than a dentist – right down to the TVs and massage chairs! Everyone was incredibly friendly which made a nice change from my previous dentist. After a check up my options were clearly explained and I opted to have laser whitening and composite bonding veneers. Excitingly I got to start straight away and had the whitening done the same day. It took about 45 minutes and, although a little uncomfortable, was not painful as I had expected. I then came back 3 weeks later to have the composites which took another 2 hours. These were a little uncomfortable but everyone took good care of me and I took home some special sensitive toothpaste which helped.

Hanna's Testimonial
Before Treatment
Hanna's Testimonial
After Treatment

I’ve even had the confidence to buy a new wardrobe and get contact lenses so I feel like a whole new me.

I was also pleased with the fact that my general dental health was taken really seriously too so my teeth feel good as well as how they look.

And I think they look amazing 🙂 I find myself checking them (embarrassingly) in lifts doors and things because I can’t believe they’re mine.

I’ve had a lot of compliments too and I feel much happier to smile in photos. I wish I hadn’t waited for my imaginary lottery win for quite so long (although I still have plenty of other plans if it should ever happen!)”

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January 2021
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