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Eileen's Story

"My new smile is truly lovely. When I see myself it is a splendid reflection of how I feel."

Eileen's treatment comprised of a Smile Makeover using Porcelain Veneers and Bridge.

“A friend of mine around my age (early 50’s) whose natural warm smile, I suddenly noticed had become a perfect porcelain expression of joy, amusement and happiness told me about Sparkle. I travelled from Ireland and met with the team.

For many years my four crowns at the front of my mouth had been giving problems and finally my own dentist told me that I would either have to wear a plate or have some major dental treatment that would include implants.

I tried the plate for about 6 months but was very conscious if the unpredictability of it. Also it bothered me to have to remove it at night or to put it in first thing in the morning.

I was impressed when I rang Sparkle, at how swift my appointment could be made for a consultation.

The staff tried to accommodate me because of the distance I was travelling. I was met by Wing, my nurse on arrival and bought to the Relaxation Room having been given a coffee. Throughout my visits there was an unflagging level of care and concern for me by every member of staff.

The dentist explained and showed me the work they proposed to do. I was amazed at the possibilities. I made 3 visits in all each involving long periods in surgery.

Eileen's Testimonial
Before Treatment
Eileen's Testimonial
After Treatment

The work I had done involved a lot of anaesthetic but I was given pain relief and the dentist rang me regularly as well did the Practice Manager and Nurse to check up on how I was getting on. My new smile is truly lovely. When I see myself it is a splendid reflection of how I feel.

I know I won’t ever try to interfere with the ageing process because wrinkles are natural but I do want to be able to smile into old age!

Thanks to everyone at Sparkle.”

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