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Andrew's Story

"It's hard to believe it's the same person and the new smile is taking me some time to get used to."

Andrew's treatment comprised of a Smile Makeover using Teeth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers.

“I lived in Ealing for several years and was a regular and very satisfied patient at the Smile Centre as it was then. I considered having some cosmetic work done and discussed the options with the Dentist, but for various reasons didn’t go ahead with it.

A few of years ago I moved away from Ealing but when I had a problem with a broken tooth recently I immediately thought of contacting the Smile Centre again and discovered that it was now called Sparkle. When I went for my appointment I also discovered that the whole practice, already very good, had moved up a few gears. New gardens, new reception, new toilet (which would look fine in a five star hotel), new treatment rooms, new equipment; the whole atmosphere more like an upscale spa centre than a dental practice. It was nice too to be offered a drink every time I visited.

After talking through my situation again with the Dentist I decided to go ahead with the treatment I’d been thinking about before. She went through various options – what could be done, what was would be involved, how long it would take, how much it would cost, what the various steps were, etc. She was willing and able to answer all my questions.

Like the whole Sparkle team, nothing seemed too much trouble and they always did their best to make me feel looked after.

I can’t say I enjoyed the treatment – my main appointment took about 4 hours and it wasn’t comfortable or particularly pleasant. However it was pain-free and carried out with care and efficiency. I was offered the opportunity to take a break whenever I needed one. I was also given very clear and comprehensive after-care instructions as well as a call the day after every appointment to check on my welfare.

Andrew's Testimonial
Before Treatment
Andrew's Testimonial
After Treatment

She has very high standards and doesn’t allow herself or any of her staff to slip below them.

It’s hard to categorise her as just a dentist, though she seems to me an exceptional one. She is also, a technician, an artist, a sculptress, a craftswoman. She really wants to do the best work possible and sometimes it seemed she was more concerned about the results of her work than I was. The results by the way are excellent, sometimes disconcertingly so. Even several weeks later I still find myself caught out occasionally when I look in the mirror. It’s hard to believe it’s the same person and the new smile is taking me some time to get used to. It continues to grow on me day by day.

I do have one regret, which is that I didn’t get it done years ago, but too late for that now.

It did cost me a lot of money, but quality does cost, and this work is definitely of very quality – I am delighted and grateful to the whole Sparkle team.”

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