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Alison's Story

"Having had the dental work completed I now realize that I am much more confident with laughing and talking to people."

Alison's treatment comprised of Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening

“During the month of April 2006 I had a very bad fall which resulted in four of my top teeth being broken or damaged. I was advised not to have any permanent work done on these teeth for one year until the full extent of damage was known. My own dentist therefore repaired them as best as he could.

Although I was grateful to have the teeth repaired, through out the following year I became more aware of how horrible my teeth looked to other people.

When talking I would often put my hand in front of my mouth so that people would not see them.

One year on, I could start thinking about getting the damaged teeth repaired properly, but there came the big hic up, having become very self conscious of my teeth and having had a number of problems with them that year I was now quite afraid to have any work done.

I began looking into my options and during a conversation with my sister, who herself had had quite a few problems with her teeth, she mentioned her own dentist – Sparkle who had done some cosmetic work for her. She had been really pleased and it was agreed that although her dentist was in London and I as in Bristol she would make an appointment for me to see if they were able to help me.

The big day arrived. On arrival at the surgery I was made to feel very welcome and as comfortable as one can when you are very nervous. The Dentist asked lots of questions regarding my teeth, how it happened, how did I feel about them, what did I want, what would make me happy about my teeth. She listened, showed me lots of photos of her work, and then advised me. The treatment I opted for was the 5 top teeth to be crowned and I to be veneered also the bottom teeth to be whitened to match the new teeth. This all took place on a Friday and the Dentist suggested that as I was staying for the weekend she would start the treatment the next day. She explained the procedure fully so that I was prepared, it was going to be a very long session – about 3 hours, and she even suggested that if I had any music that I liked to relax to I could bring it along to listen to. I arrived the next day and the treatment began.

Another appointment was made for 3 weeks time so that the actual crowns could be fitted. During this period I received phone calls from her practice to ensure that everything was ok, I was told to ring at any time if I was worried about anything.

Alison's Testimonial
Before Treatment
Alison's Testimonial
After Treatment

All staff especially were eager to reassure me that if I became concerned about anything I was to contact them.

This was good; remember I live 200 miles away in Bristol. The big day arrives, the staff are as excited as I am. Before fitting the new crowns the Dentist ensures that I have not had any problems and that I am happy with the way things are going, I am. My mouth is anaesthitised so that I cannot feel anything and the procedure begins. The procedure is now complete and photographs are taken, appointments are made to go back for a check up in a couple of weeks. Back for my check up and everything is fine, more photos are taken and the Dentist is ensuring that I am happy with the final outcome.

Having had the dental work completed I now realize that I am much more confident with laughing and talking to people, no more speaking with my hand in front of my mouth, no more fears of the old original crowns falling out whilst talking.

I can honestly say that this procedure was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. Having had to visit my dentist in Bristol for a normal check up, I can honestly say I caused quite a stir.

As this treatment had been a surprise gift from my sister, no one was aware that I was having this treatment done, a little bit embarrassing to now visit my own dentist but what the heck if you want a good job, go to the best and that’s what I had done.

I explained to the dentist who took quite a long time looking at them and shining his torch on them, then he called to another dentist, and another, and another plus dental assistants. They are all mmm, mm mm, wonderful, good, and then the big question where did you have it done, Why, by an award winning cosmetic dentist. They all agreed that they were the best finest crowns that they had seen in a long time, and even admitted that they did not think they could do as good a job, they were so impressed. HarIey Street impressed. My smile was huge, what finer compliment could one receive, so THANK YOU Sparkle and the team, you really have changed me in more ways than one.

I can honestly say that the treatment I received was first class, the after service was excellent and I would recommend you to everyone.

Thank you to everyone at Sparkle for your kind consideration whilst undergoing treatment with you.”

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