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Ashik's Story

"I have forced myself to a smile all these years but now I can finally be myself and show my teeth"

Ashik's treatment consisted of Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening.

“One evening at my brother’s place, I happened to read an article in the local newspaper. I thought to myself, and asked myself a question, would this really work for me at my age of 55? I debated this for a few days and made the call.

I embarrassingly mentioned how ugly my front top teeth were and asked the receptionist would this work for me. She was so convincing. Anyway an appointment was made and I looked up the address and met my appointment.

My first impressions were of how awesome the premises and facilities were, together with the one of friendliness.

I suppose I consider myself lucky as the distance to Sparkle clinic was a stones throw away for me. I am sure some people come from miles away for their special transformation.

I was most impressed with their relaxing room, one can easily fall asleep.

Throughout my teeth transformation, the most I stayed in the surgery was an hour and a half, but it must be said, the brilliant dentist is extremely delicate with her operations. No time was I in pain, not forgetting she chose my taste of music to comfort me.

I was given after care products whilst under treatment and healthy advice.

Ashik's Testimonial
Before Treatment
Ashik's Testimonial
After Treatment

I am so confident now, I laugh like never before, I wish this treatment was available 35 years ago, but it is better late than never

I had forced myself to smile all those years but now I can finally be myself and show my teeth, unlike dentures, mine look real. I have already enrolled my eldest daughter in this program. My daughters teeth are no way as bad as mine but who better to put it right for her than the Sparkle team. There will be plenty more people recommended by me to Sparkle Dental.

My youngest daughter is so amazed with my teeth transformation, I am a new Dad.

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