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Teeth whitening: win over the world with sparkling teeth from your Brentford Dentist


A first impression is exceptionally important. It can never be redone and on many occasions will be how the person you’re meeting gets their first idea of what sort of person you are. This makes it even more important for something like a job interview. One sure fire way of giving off a wonderful first impression is with a new fashion accessory: your own teeth!

While things such as jewellery and clothing are good fashion accessories to have, one thing that will never let you down for a job interview is a dazzling white smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Brentford is becoming more and more popular as the procedure is constantly being improved, making it more effective, faster and cheaper to achieve the smile you really want.

The quickest way to a new whiter smile is in-surgery whitening, a method that is administered at the dentist’s studio and can take as little as 15 minutes with almost instant results.

A common method of in-surgery whitening is laser whitening, in which a special light is shined at the teeth. Before any of this, however, your dentist will go through the procedure and agree what level of whitening you desire; the level chosen will then dictate how much time your teeth will spend being exposed to the light.

A noticeable difference can be seen almost immediately after the procedure, and apart from slight sensitivity in the teeth immediately after the procedure it is completely painless.

Because of the speed at which the treatment can be given, as well as the complete transformation it can give to a dull and boring smile, in-surgery teeth whitening is the perfect accessory to have for a job interview or first date!

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