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Teen Orthodontics Explained For Patients Near Hanwell


Many teenagers worry about their appearance and may lack confidence when they feel they do not look their best. Luckily, with advances in cosmetic dentistry, teenagers with crooked teeth do not have to worry about unsightly metal braces being the only option to correct problems with alignment or bite. Invisalign Teen is a new treatment that offers discretion as well as correction to dental imperfections in just 6-15 months. One less worry for self-conscious teens!

How does Invisalign Teen work?

As with regular Invisalign, specialist software can be used to scan the teeth and create a computerised image of the teeth. Discussions with the dentist can then clarify what changes will be made and images of the results can even be shown before treatment.

Invisalign trays – made of smooth, clear plastic that is virtually unnoticeable – are then crafted to fit the patient’s teeth. These trays are worn for roughly two weeks each and offer a gradual and gentle shift of the teeth, while regular checkups allow a dentist or orthodontist to make sure there are no problems. The trays can be removed for brushing, flossing and eating, allowing you to still lead a normal life.

How does Invisalign Teen differ?

Some special features have been added for teenagers who opt for Invisalign, taking into account their different lifestyles and jaw development:

  • A teenager’s life can sometimes feel chaotic, so wear-indicators are provided to remind them when they need to change their aligner. These indicators change from blue to clear to signify the allotted time is up.
  • The aligners compensate for certain teeth that may not have erupted yet, such as canines and second molars.
  • An active social life can often lead to things being misplaced or broken, so extra aligners are included to replace any that may get damaged or left behind.

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