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Straighter Teeth Ready To Meet Father Christmas For Patients Near Chiswick


Kids (and big kids) who want to meet Santa with a perfect smile can now have a barely noticeable brace which will transform crooked teeth in just six months. Show Santa a set of pearly white straight teeth and you never know, you might just get everything on your Christmas wish list after all!

State-of-the-art technology means that brace-wearers no longer need to feel self-conscious. Fixed cosmetic braces will leave you with a straight smile, without the conspicuous look of traditional braces. They are very discreet and you can continue to lead your normal life knowing your teeth will soon be straightened.

Six Month Smiles treatment

Clear wires and brackets are used to attain straight teeth in an average time of six months, a shorter time than it would take with fixed braces and other traditional treatments, This speed is perfect for those wanting to have a perfect, straight smile in time for an occasion.

The six lower and upper (anterior) teeth are the main priority as they are the ones that people see when you smile. These teeth are safely and carefully nudged into the right position, through the use of wires and braces which blend right in with your teeth due to their natural colour. The braces then quickly move the teeth by using low pressure.

Fast treatment time

Six month smiles treatment is able to work quickly as the braces solely focus on the teeth that can be seen when you smile allowing for faster treatment time and quicker results. If you would like more information on Six Month Smiles treatment then please contact the team at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Chiswick.





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