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Spring Forward – Patients from Acton can get a New Smile in a Day at the Dentist


Don’t forget that the clocks will go forward this month, meaning we lose an hour in bed but get to enjoy lighter evenings. Although it may feel like you are losing valuable time, it all evens itself out over the year when the clocks go back in the autumn, and besides many of the most popular dental treatments as Sparkle Dental need far less than a full day to complete!

Same Day Teeth at dentists serving patients from Acton are becoming ever more popular, as patients demand quick and convenient procedures without having to spend lots of time in the dentist’s chair. Of course, some dental treatments have only ever taken one appointment and everything from a good clean by the hygienist to cosmetic options like teeth whitening only need, on average, an hour of your time.

However, having more complicated and long-term treatments, such as dental implants, used to take up a lot of the patient’s time, as they were forced to turn up for several appointments over a short period in order to have the implants themselves fitted to the jaw, followed by the attachment of the carefully chosen and fitted false teeth.

The All on 4 dental implants, which are available at Sparkle Dental, cut down the amount of time you need to spend in dental appointments, reduce the number of holes you need to have drilled in your jaw to fit the implants and still produce the same fabulous results as other, longer dental implant procedures.

As the name suggests, if you choose the All on 4 procedure your false teeth are attached to just four implants, placed in strategically secure positions to guarantee that your false teeth will stay in place and look and feel natural. If you choose this quick and convenient option you should only need to attend the surgery twice. On your first visit scans, X-rays and measurements will be taken, while on the second you will have the implants fitted in the morning and the false teeth attached in the afternoon. What a great use of your shortened day and perfect timing to give you the smile you want just in time for summer.

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