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Speedy facelifts for teeth with Cosmetic Bonding treatment


Now most of us haven’t got a perfect set of pearly whites.  Unless you’re an A List celebrity, scrutinise most people’s smile and you’ll probably find dental evidence of some serious partying.  At least that’s how it seems.  In fact discolouration, chips, cracks and gaps are just a few of the ways in which teeth can naturally erode and alter over time.  So if you’ve been partying hard in Hanwell, or perhaps you’ve simply let your smile go over the last few years, cosmetic bonding procedures offer the ideal way to rejuvenate your entire mouth, and in just a few easy steps.

Want to carry on the party – but without all that evidence?  Without getting too technical about it, cosmetic bonding is basically a way of reshaping and re-sculpting problem teeth that have undergone some wear and tear over the years.  What’s more, it seems that no facelift job is too big.  Cosmetic bonding fixes a multitude of dental complaints, from brightening brownish stains caused by tea, coffee and wine, to lessening gaps occurring between the teeth, and even straightening up crooked smiles.  Like a facelift, bonding magically smooths over the teeth’s natural variations and problem areas, creating a flawless, streamlined finish.

But don’t worry, unlike a real facelift procedure, this treatment simply involves coating the tooth with a plasticy bonding material that is fast to apply and a whole lot less painful.  Actually some bonding treatments require no local anaesthetic at all.  Watch your dentist transform into a true artist as your teeth are fashioned into a desirable shape and colour, creating the smile you’ve always wanted out of the one you’ve always had.

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