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Sparkling Across the Bridges of London



Sponsored Walk over the bridges of London, finishing at Tower Bridge

The team at Sparkle Dental Boutique, Hanwell will be hitting the streets of London on Sunday 26th July 2009, in aid of the UK Charity, Children Walking Tall (

Walking the bridges of London from Battersea Bridge to London Bridge an 11 mile walk with the aim of raising monies to help slum and street children in Goa, India, with food, education, medical facilities and shelter.

There are thousands of children living in slums and on the streets of Goa alone. Some are orphans, others are runaways escaping poverty or abuse. These children originate from all over India and often come with their families looking for work. They build basic homes from bamboo, plastic, cardboard or corrugated iron, forming slum communities on any spare land they can find.

Any monies raised will be used to provide, milk, fruit, vegetables as well as educational equipment for children and will be delivered in person by Kavita Verma, Boutique Manager at Sparkle. Kavita is taking a sabbatical for 3 months at the end of this year to volunteer her time with these children.

Kavita says `I am really looking forward to spending time with the children. It is something that I have wanted to do for ages. I have no doubt that it will be challenging but also very rewarding. I loved the work that Sunita and I did painting classrooms and playing with children over Christmas, in India two years ago. I am hoping that we manage to raise enough monies so that I can take some toys and possibly a lap top for educational purposes, when I go.” 

The team are already in training with some team members getting off a few stops earlier from their bus route and walking to the practice to serious walking practice over the weekends. The vocal chords are also being warmed up in preparation for singing!!

Watch out Britain’s Got Talent because the team at Sparkle certainly have!!! 

Donations are now closed.

On average per month

Chicken & Eggs £37

Dry Provisions £55

Fish                    £17

Fruit                   £54

Milk                    £42

Rice                   £24

Vegetables         £36

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