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Sparkle’s Weekly Smile Showcase – 1st July 2011


The team at Sparkle would like to present to you some of our recent cases where we have given our patients brighter, straighter and healthier smiles. Nothing makes us happier than to see our patients flashing their new smiles and walk taller with their new-found confidence. Below are a few of our latest success stories:

This week’s Sparkling Smiles


Here are the Sparkle photos for the Smile Showcase this Friday and the descriptions below.


Two upper front teeth which were broken and worn were restored using two porcelain veneers. Two appointments and hey presto – better than ever!



This patient was concerned about discoloured and chipped teeth. Teeth whitening followed by the placing of two porcelain veneers gave the patient a much brighter, whiter smile.

In both of these patients, the difference to their smiles is incredible. Taking away the insecurity these patients felt about their smiles and giving them a smile they want to show the world is everything that Sparkle is about.

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