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Simpli5 Clear Braces for Adults from Hounslow Looking for Effective, Invisible Teeth Straightening


In an ideal world we would all like to have straight, perfect celebrity smiles, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Crooked or uneven teeth can cause massive disruptions to our lives, impeding our confidence and our ‘get up and go’ spirit.

On a more medical note, uneven teeth can cause pain and discomfort and affect the rest of the teeth in our mouth. We may have to avoid certain foods and teeth can become extra sensitive. It can also affect our ability to bite, which could become uneven and put extra pressure on the other teeth or cause more movement in misaligned teeth.

Introducing an innovative brace method

The Simpli5 clear braces are incredibly discreet and offer convenience because you can take them out whenever you like. They are clear aligners, which fit into the same categories as Invisalign or ClearStep.

Why choose Simpli5?

For a look of pure cosmetic perfection Simpli5 braces are the number one choice. They are most suitable for minor to moderate dental issues but do speak to us at the Sparkle Dental Boutique to assess the best course of treatment for you. The procedure involves wearing a series of five, transparent, plastic aligners, which gently align your teeth into the correct positions.

This is achieved through a gentle constant pressure, which actively helps move teeth into the required position. Each of the five aligners is normally worn for between two or three weeks at a time. But each person’s needs are specific to them so your Sparkle Dental Boutique dentist will give you a clearer idea of what is needed. Overall treatment time of all five braces combined is usually between 10 and 20 weeks for patients from Hounslow looking for orthodontic treatment.

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