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Short Term Orthodontics




When a patient asks about options for improving their overall smile, particularly when their teeth are crooked, they have two options: the option of porcelain veneers or the option of orthodontics (braces). 

Sunita Verma, Principal of Sparkle Dental Boutique, Hounslow says, “Sometimes patients are reluctant to have orthodontic treatment assuming that they are too old for braces, or that orthodontics are only for children or that they will have to wear braces for a number of years. This is simply not true!” 

“We offer a new procedure offered at Sparkle Dental Boutique called short term orthodontics (STO). With STO, we can give our patients the smiles that they desire through simple orthodontic tooth movement. The simple treatment philosophy is that if teeth are in the wrong position, move them!”

Many types of tooth movement can be easily and safely accomplished in about six months, using orthodontic brackets and wires.

STO overcomes the two main obstacles that prevent adults from accepting orthodontic treatment, that is treatment time (within the range of 4-9 months) and the appearance of the brackets and wires. STO also allow quick and more predictable tooth movements.

Sunita says, “The case shown above was treated within 5 months using a functional brace and clear braces. Once we had corrected the tooth position, we then whitened the teeth and finally conservatively treated the tooth using a technique called cosmetic bonding, to give a very aesthetically pleasing result.”

Source: Short Term Orthodontics: The Cosmetic Dilemma, Dr R Swain Dentistry 10 December 2009

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