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Say no to Sunken Cheeks


Ask someone which treatment they’d most want on their Christmas list and the words dental implants are probably not at the top.  In fact they’re possibly not on anyone’s list of desirable dental treatment.  Many people, if they’ve heard of implants at all, have little or no idea what they are or why they should be interested in having them fitted.  But if you have lost any of your teeth, either through gum disease, or because of injury, getting a dental implant fitted could make some truly positive changes to your life.

While many people are content to put up with missing teeth, particularly if they are hidden from the view of the camera, in the long term the cheek area surrounding the missing teeth will take on an unpleasant, sunken look that we might only associate with the end of our lives, not the beginning!  If you’re out and about in Acton, there’s nothing worse than feeling you must constantly hide your smile and even lower your head wherever you go.  A knock to your confidence is carried with you at all times.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Aren’t dental implants the equivalent to dentures or bridges?

Quite simply, no, they are not.  While you may have heard of remedies for tooth loss such as dentures or bridges, there are some important differences between these treatments and dental implants.  Going with the denture option can still lead to a change in the shape of the jaw, whereas, with dental implants, bone structure can be preserved, and there is no need to start to drilling into healthy teeth.  In fact, unlike dentures, there is no need to compromise the surrounding healthy teeth in any way.

Let’s think aesthetics.  If you want your mouth to appear to be natural (or perhaps in even better shape than it was before!) implants really are the option for you.  Dental implants appear seamlessly in the mouth, passing as real teeth and lasting much longer than dentures, which may become loose, as well as prevent you eating some of your favourite, everyday foods.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

Don’t change your habits, your looks, or your lifestyle.  Ask your dentist about dental implants as a rewarding and proven solution to inevitable tooth loss.

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