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Same Day Teeth in Acton is The New Star Treatment for People With Missing Teeth


Among the many advances in dentistry within the past decade perhaps the most impressive is the concept of Same Day Teeth. Same Day Teeth in Acton allow patients who have suffered the loss of most, or all of their teeth, to have a natural looking smile once again; often, in just a single day.

Dentures can be a trial for those who wear them. A poorly designed and ill-fitting denture can serve to drastically hinder their wearer’s day to day life, which could be through restricting the food they eat, making it difficult for them to talk with their normal clarity and fluency, or even simply lowering a wearer’s self confidence.

Same Day Teeth makes use of an innovative new procedure known as the ‘All-on-4’ technique, which has been praised as being the ‘ultimate dental solution’ available to those who wear dentures. As the name suggests, this clever little procedure allows denture wearers to have a whole new set of teeth implanted, using just four implant sites in the mouth. This means a whole new set of teeth without the need to replace every single one individually.

This system has been proven to offer patients a whole host of benefits over traditional dentures, such as removing the troublesome denture adhesives and allowing speech and bite to return to normal. Many patients find that not having to worry about a loose fitting denture falling out of their mouth is reason enough to give this revolutionary procedure a go.

In addition to the benefits of taking traditional dentures out of the equation, patients can also breathe a sign of relief that long, conventional and sometimes painful procedures are also gone. Thanks to the all-on-4 technique, patients will find that there is far less likelihood of expensive and uncomfortable bone graft procedures. Same Day Teeth are currently providing superb results for patients all over the United Kingdom!

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