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Revolutionary Methods of Replacing Lost Teeth for Patients from Hanwell with Damage Smiles


Teeth can be lost or broken just by biting into our favourite hard snack, after which we are left holding our mouth in despair! It is a well known fact that a lot of us will have missing teeth during childhood and adult life no matter what the reason. Whilst some of us go to the dentist to get this looked at, others bury their heads in the sand and try and forget those missing teeth hoping that the problem will just go away.

Why replace missing teeth?

However, if you don’t replace missing teeth the problem will affect the health of your mouth and your dental hygiene. A missing tooth affects how you bite, which adds strain to the rest of your teeth.  Big gaps in your mouth also mean that any foods you eat will become trapped, which then breeds bacteria that cause gum disease.

There are also other problems that missing teeth can cause, such as ageing the look of your face, distorting the shape of your jaw and mouth, changing how you smile and also affecting how you speak.

What solutions are there?

One solution to tooth loss is a dental bridge, which can replace missing teeth using the remaining healthy teeth to support the new teeth for patients from Hanwell. The teeth on either side are crowned for full, long lasting support, with a pontic holding the replacement teeth sitting in between.

Another solution is dental implants. Cylinder shaped titanium rods are placed into the jaw, to provide a strong, stable foundation for a replacement tooth. Implants are also a great solution if you have dentures, as they keep them in place and prevent the sore gums and bone degeneration that loose dentures can often cause.

Dentures are removable and are created to look like your natural teeth using the latest dental technology. Dentures can also treat teeth that try to move because of the gap the missing tooth has created.

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